Windows 2003 config system missing corrupt

1. Insert your Windows Server 2003 CD and reboot from the CD drive

[To boot from CD, go to BIOS Setup option on startup and select your CD/DVD drive as the first boot drive, save the present settings and exit]

Your computer will reboot & will boot from Windows Server 2003

2. Press ‘R’ when offered the option of using the Windows Recovery Console

Recovery Console will prompt at the command prompt type the following:

C:\WINDOWS >cd system32\

this changes the current directory to C:\Windows\System32

ren config configold

This renames the config folder to configold

mkdir config

this makes a new directory called config

cd config

changes the current directory to c:\Windows\System32\Config

then type the following lines pressing enter after each one

copy c:\windows\repair\system

copy c:\windows\repair\software

copy c:\windows\repair\sam

copy c:\windows\repair\security

copy c:windows\repair\default

after each line it should say:

1 file copied

type: exit

Now Server will reboot

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