Verify if BESadmin account can access a user account in Exchange

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server requires permission to access each BlackBerry device user’s mailbox to process email messages. The IEMSText.exe tool runs a test to verify whether the Windows®account has the Send As permission in Microsoft® Exchange so that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server can access user accounts. The IEMSText.exe tool does not verify whether the BlackBerry Enterprise Server can send email messages on behalf of a BlackBerry device user. 1.Copy the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server installation files to the computer that you want to install the BlackBerry Enterprise Server on.
2.Extract the contents to a folder on the computer.
3.Navigate to \Tools.
4.Double-click IEMSTest.exe.
5.In the Profile Name drop-down list, select the profile names for the user accounts.
6.Click OK.
7.In the left pane, select the user accounts that you want to check.
8.Click Select.
9.Click OK.

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