Update HP Switch Firmware

Go to https://h10145.www1.hpe.com/support/SupportLookUp.aspx and type in the switches model number, then select your switch and click “Show selected items”


Next, click on “Software downloads”


Select the most recent version and download the firmware

If the current firmware version is substantially older than the most recent, review the information on the download page and the Release Notes to verify that you can update directly to the new version.


Copy the .swi file from the downloaded firmware folder to your root TFTP folder. On Solarwinds it is located at C:\TFTP-Root


Log into the switch and backup the current config

Before you update the firmware, backup the current config. Save any changes by running

#write memory

Then, copy the config to the TFTP server.

#copy startup-config tftp <IP address of TFTP> <config name>.cfg


Enter the menu interface on the switch

The firmware can be downloaded from CLI, but this tutorial will cover the menu interface way of downloading it. You can enter the menu from the CLI by running:



Select the option Download OS from the menu


Fill in the information about the file transfer and select “eXecute”

First, make sure the Method is set to “TFTP” and change the TFTP Server to the IP address of your computer. Then, change the Remote File Name to the name of the .swi file on the TFTP server.


Reboot and verify that the firmware has been updated

Once the firmware finishes installing, the switch will need to be rebooted for the changes to take effect. You can then verify it updated successfully by running:

#show version

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