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While the Email Protection Service does not have a direct method to filter messages in foreign languages, you can set a content filter to catch these messages based on the character set.
Please follow these instructions to minimize these messages:
1. Login to the Control Console to access your account
2. Click Email Protection
3. Select Policies
4. Double-click the desired inbound policy
5. Select Content
6. Select the Custom Content Groups sub-tab
7. Under content groups press the NEW button to create a new group
8. Name the group with a name that will make sense to you for later reference and enter the character set specified in the header (for example -“koi8-r” for Russian/Cyrillic) into the keyword box (NOTE -do not include the quotations)
9. Select the desired corrective action: Quarantine, Deny, Tag Subject, Allow, None
10. After finishing your choices press SAVE
11. Press SAVE again to complete the action and allow up to 15 minutes for the changes to take effect.

The following list is the Character Set codes for most of the available Character Sets, grouped by language or region. It is recommended that when using Character Set codes in a filter that extreme caution be used, and use only the Character Sets absolutely needed to block unwanted mail.
When including the Character Sets in a policy, do not include the “charset=” portion, as this is left in only for reference.
ASMO 708 charset=ASMO-708
DOS charset=DOS-720
ISO charset=iso-8859-6
Mac charset=x-mac-arabic
Windows charset=windows-1256
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-Arabic
DOS charset=ibm775
ISO charset=iso-8859-4
Windows charset=windows-1257
DOS charset=ibm852
ISO charset=iso-8859-2
Mac charset=x-mac-ce
Windows charset=windows-1250
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-DenmarkNorway
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-ebcdic-denmarknorway-euro
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-FinlandSweden
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-ebcdic-finlandsweden-euro
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-ebcdic-france-euro
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-ebcdic-spain-euro
EUC charset=EUC-CN
GB2312 charset=gb2312
HZ charset=hz-gb-2312
Mac charset=x-mac-chinesesimp
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-SimplifiedChinese
Government Standard charset=GB18030
Big5 charset=big5
CNS charset=x-Chinese-CNS
Eten charset=x-Chinese-Eten
Mac charset=x-mac-chinesetrad
Mac charset=950
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-TraditionalChinese
DOS charset=cp866
ISO charset=iso-8859-5
KOI8-R charset=koi8-r
KOI8-U charset=koi8-u
Mac charset=x-mac-cyrillic
Windows charset=windows-1251
IBM EBCDIC Russian charset=x-EBCDIC-CyrillicRussian
IBM EB… Serbian-Bulgarian charset=x-EBCDIC-CyrillicSerbianBulgarian
Europa charset=x-Europa
IA5 charset=x-IA5-German
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-Germany
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-ebcdic-germany-euro
Greek DOS charset=ibm737
Greek ISO charset=iso-8859-7
Greek Mac charset=x-mac-greek
Windows charset=windows-1253
DOS charset=ibm869
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-GreekModern
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-Greek
DOS charset=DOS-862
ISO-Logical charset=iso-8859-8-i
ISO-Visual charset=iso-8859-8
Mac charset=x-mac-hebrew
Windows charset=windows-1255
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-Hebrew
DOS charset=ibm861
Mac charset=x-mac-icelandic
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-Icelandic
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-ebcdic-icelandic-euro
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-ebcdic-international-euro
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-Italy
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-ebcdic-italy-euro
–ISCII Languages—
Assamese charset=x-iscii-as
Bengali charset=x-iscii-be
Devanagari charset=x-iscii-de
Gujarathi charset=x-iscii-gu
Kannada charset=x-iscii-ka
Malayalam charset=x-iscii-ma
Oriya charset=x-iscii-or
Panjabi charset=x-iscii-pa
Tamil charset=x-iscii-ta
Telugu charset=x-iscii-te
EUC charset=euc-jp
EUC charset=x-euc-jp
JIS charset=iso-2022-jp
JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana -SO/SI charset=iso-2022-jp
JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana charset=csISO2022JP
Mac charset=x-mac-japanese
Shift-JIS charset=shift_jis
IBM EBCDIC Kaakana charset=x-EBCDIC-JapaneseAndKana
IBM EBCDIC Japanese-Latin charset=x-EBCDIC-JapaneseAndJapaneseLatin
IBM EBCDIC US-Canada charset=x-EBCDIC-JapaneseAndUSCanada
IBM EBCDIC katakana charset=x-EBCDIC-JapaneseKatakana
Korean charset=ks_c_5601-1987
EUC charset=euc-kr
ISO charset=iso-2022-kr
Johab charset=Johab
Mac charset=x-mac-korean
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-KoreanAndKoreanExtended
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-KoreanExtended
ISO charset=iso-8859-3
ISO charset=iso-8859-15
Multilingual Latin charset=CP870
IA5 charset=x-IA5-Norwegian
IBM OEM charset=IBM437
IA5 charset=x-IA5-Swedish
Windows charset=windows-874
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-Thai
DOS charset=ibm857
ISO charset=iso-8859-9
Mac charset=x-mac-turkish
Windows charset=windows-1254
Latin-5 charset=CP1026
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-EBCDIC-Turkish
Unicode charset=unicode
Unicode (Big-Endian) charset=unicodeFFFE
Unicode (UTF-7) charset=utf-7
Unicode (UTF-8) charset=utf-8
US-ASCII charset=us-ascii
IBM EBCDIC charset=x-ebcdic-uk-euro
IBM EBCDIC charset=ebcdic-cp-us
IBM EBCDIC –Euro charset=x-ebcdic-cp-us-euro
Windows charset=windows-1258
DOS charset=ibm850
IA5 charset=x-IA5
ISO charset=iso-8859-1
Mac charset=macintosh
Windows charset=Windows-1252

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