Reset Citrix Licensing Admin Password

1) Open the “server.xml” file in C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\LS\conf. If on Win2k8 you will need to open your editor as an admin.
2) Find the entry that looks something like this:

3) Erase the contents between the double quotes after “password=”
4) Enter a plaintext password so it looks like this: password=”test”
5) Change the passwordExpired value to be “true”
6) Save the server.xml file.
7) Restart the licensing services. I also closed and re-opened the LAC but this may not be necessary.
8) Log into the LAC using user name “admin” and the password you set.
9) You will be prompted to change your password. Do it. By doing it, the new password will be encrypted in the server.xml file.
10) To check that everything is working as planned, re-open the server.xml to check that the password is now encrypted.

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