Read only permissions on entire volume

This can be used on servers and workstations

If you see a read only permission issue and you tired to fix it from the advanced properties and it doesn’t work then give this a try
1.Open a command prompt (ie. Start > Run > cmd) with administrative privileges
2.Type in the command: diskpart
3.Run the command: list disk
4.Look for the disk number that’s having the problem. In my case I have a system drive, a RAID 5 configuration (1 logical drive) and then the new drive, so it was DISK 2. I will continue to use it in the example but note that yours may differ.
5.Select the disk using the following command: sel disk 2
6.Enter the following command: ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR READONLY
7.Exit diskpart with the command: exit

For specific volumes use this command

list volume
sel vol 0 (my problem was on volume 0)
detail volume (just to see the status)
detail volume (just to see the status, again)

You may have to restart the server or workstation afterwards.

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