Operations are in Progress, Please wait – Server 2008

I was greeted with this screen.

Operations In progress

Hm, i thought.

I flipped over to the Services console via the MMC and noticed that the Acronis Scheduler service was ‘Stopping’

Ok i thought, well, lets kill this bad boy. (yes i said bad boy)

Luckily on the server i was using i had already downloaded PsTools, if you have never used PsTools you really should.

If you are a domain administrator, you can have a huge amount of fun killing annoying applications on Co-Workers computers and making it look like an application has crashed. I never got tired of killing our interns IE sessions when they were on Facebook instead of working, and you can even write a small bat file to run at random just to add a little more authenticity to it. Oh, i digress.

Ok, so first i found the name of the process the Scheduler service used via the MMC.


Next, i turn to PsTools and use the PsList command.

PsList \\server | findstr Schedul2

I use the ‘findstr’ tool also here to filter the output of the PsList command so i only see the relevant process running.


This confirms that yes, this process is running on the target server.

Next i can use PsKill to end that process.

PsKill \\server Schedul2


As soon as the process was killed, the DRAC screen updated to ‘stopping services’ and the server finished it’s reboot.

Hopefully this will help you troubleshoot any ‘Operations are in progress’ messages you see on your servers.

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