Install Backup Exec 2012 License

Go to add and remove programs and click on Change for Symantec Backup Exec to find the option to add licenses


Symantec Backup Exec 2012 is shown as being in Trial version even after installing the serial numbers.


1. During the install of Backup Exec 2012, “Maintenance” serial numbers are entered, but the the actual “Product” serial numbers were not entered. Figure 1.

Figure 1


2. If “Product” serial numbers were entered, but not selected in “Select the products to install on this computer, Backup Exec will still be installed in Trial mode. Figure 2.

Figure 2




1.  Run the installation again and verify  which serial numbers were installed.  The “Product Name/Description” will indicate which ones are “Maintenance serial numbers” and which ones are “Product” serial numbers. Figure 3.

Figure 3


2. Click “Next” and the “Select the product to install on this computer” screen will show whether the “Product” serial number was selected to be installed on the local computer.  If nothing is checked, then Backup Exec 2012 was installed as a Trial version. Figure 4.

Figure 4


3.  To get Backup Exec installed as a licensed version, select the “Serial numbers” and continue the installation. Figure 5.

Figure 5

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