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HP ProCurve Switches — Capturing the “show tech all” File

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HP ProCurve Switches — Capturing the “show tech all” File

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How is the “show tech all” captured?


Use one of the three following methods in order to capture the “show tech all” from an HP ProCurve Switch.

NOTE: The HP ProCurve Switches 2524 and 2512 do not recognize the command, “show tech all”. For these switches, issue the command, “show tech”.

Method 1:

1. Launch a TFTP server utility, and ensure that it is configured to send and receive files. In addition, configure the Base Directory appropriately;

2. Ensure that the switch and PC are provisioned with IP ranges within the same subnet;

3. Within the CLI of the HP ProCurve Switch, type the command: copy command-output “show tech all” tftp <tftp server IP addr> <filename>;

4. Next, issue the command: copy crash-data tftp <tftp server IP addr> <filename> crashdata.bin;

5. Also issue the command: copy crash-log tftp <tftp server IP addr> <filename> crashlog.bin;

6. Forward a copy of the file in accordance with the instructions provided by HP Support.

Method 2:

Use the following method in case no TFTP server is available:

1. Go to the Windows ‘Start’ menu and choose ‘Run’;

2. Type “telnet <ip address> -f C:\showtech.txt”;

3. Press Enter;

4. Open a Telnet session with the HP ProCurve Switch, and type the command “show tech all”;

5. After the output of the “show tech” command has finished scrolling past, type the command “logout”;

6. The resulting file is saved to the root of the C:\ drive.

Method 3:

If the Switch possesses no IP address, it is necessary to capture the text with the help of a VT100-compliant terminal emulator.

1. Using the serial console cable in tandem with a terminal emulator, log into the switch;

2. Configure the application to capture text;

3. On the local drive, specify a location and file name for the textual output;

4. Type “show tech all” within the CLI of the switch;

5. Forward the file per the instructions provided by HP Support.

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