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When you enable server to client content redirection, embedded URLs are intercepted on the XenApp server and sent to the client device and the Web browser or multimedia players on the client device open these URLs. This feature frees servers from processing these types of requests by redirecting application launching for supported URLs from the server to the local client device. The browser locally installed on the client device is used to navigate to the URL. Users cannot disable this feature. Accessing published content with local client desktops does not use XenApp resources or licenses because local viewer applications do not use XenApp sessions to display the published content.

For example, users may frequently access Web and multimedia URLs they encounter when running an email program published on a server. If you do not enable content redirection from server to client, users open these URLs with Web browsers or multimedia players present on servers running XenApp.

Note: If the client device fails to connect to a URL, the URL is redirected back to the server.

Complete the following configurations:

  1. Locate the Citrix policy setting for User > ICA > File Redirection. Add and enable Host to client redirection to allow file type associations for URLs and some media content to be opened on the user device (disabled by default). When disabled, content opens on the server.
  2. From the XenApp console, publish the content file and select the users or groups that can access it.
The following URL types are opened locally through user devices for Windows and Linux when this type of content redirection is enabled:

  • HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  • HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  • RTSP (Real Player and QuickTime)
  • RTSPU (Real Player and QuickTime)
  • PNM (Legacy Real Player)
  • MMS (Microsoft Media Format)

If content redirection from server to client is not working for some of the HTTPS links, verify that the user device has an appropriate certificate installed. If the appropriate certificate is not installed, the HTTP ping from the client device to the URL fails and the URL is redirected back to the server. For legacy plug-ins, content redirection from server to client requires Internet Explorer Version 5.5 with Service Pack 2 on systems running Windows 98 or higher.

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