Configure server for BES installation

Configure Server for BES Installation
1. Create a Besadmin account with the same admin password of the domain administrator, unless otherwise request.
2. Go to Administrative Tools, Domain Controller Security Policy, Local Policies, and User rights Assignment – add Besadmin account to, Allow Log on Locally, Log on as a service.
a.For Windows 2008

i. Administrator tools

ii. Group Policy Management

iii. Domain Controllers

1. Default Domain Controllers Policy

2. Right click and Edit

a. Computer configuration

b. Policies

c. Windows settings

d. Security settings

e. Local Policies

f. User rights Assignment

3. Add besadmin and Administrators group accounts to Allow Log on Locally

4. Add besadmin to Log on as a service

iv. Run gpupdate in CMD
3.Exchange 2003 mailbox rights updates

· Open Exchange System Manager, Click on Action in Menu, Click Properties, then put check and enables Display routing groups & Display Administrative groups, Click Apply & Then OK.

· Exchange System Manager, open administrative Group, right-click on first Administrative group and click Delegate control, then click Add, browse and select Besadmin and set role to Exchange View Only administrator, click next and complete.
4.Exchange System Manager, open administrative Group, click on first Administrative group, server, right click on the server, go to properties, go to Security , Click on the Besadmin Account – check Allow for Receive AS , Send AS and Administer Information Store.
5.In Active directory make Besadmin a member of the administrators group.
6.In Active Directory , Go to View and Click Advanced Features
7.In Active Directory ,go to the User Account User Container , Right Click on Folder , go to properties , then go to Security
8.In Security add the Besadmin account, Click Allow Read, Then click Advanced, then click Add, Add Besadmin. In the Apply onto box select User Objects, Click Allow: List Contents, Send As and Receive As. Then click apply and then OK.
a.For Windows 2008

i. Select Descendant User Objects from the Apply to dropdown

ii. Give besadmin rights to each of the Descendant User Objects mentioned above
9.The log into server with Besadmin account. Then install BES Server.
10.Enable Terminal access for the BESadmin account

Exchange 2007\2010
1.In Exchange 2007/2010, command gives access on mailbox store level so you don’t need to deal with new added users . Get-Mailboxdatabase | Add-AdPermission -User “besadmin” -AccessRights GenericAll
2.You install this on BES server to access exchange 03/07 and 10 MAPI
a.Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI client and collaboration data objects 1.2.1

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