Configure maximum number of days for Blackberry Enterprise Server log files

To specify the number of days that the log files are stored on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, complete the following steps:

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0 and 4.1

  1. Open the BlackBerry Server Configuration Panel by selecting Start > Programs > BlackBerry Enterprise Server > BlackBerry Server Configuration.
  2. Select the Logging tab.
  3. Under each category, specify the preferred number of days for Debug Log Maximum Daily File Age. The recommended number of days is 30.
  4. Click OK.
  5. On the computer that host the BlackBerry Enterprise Server components, in the Microsoft Windows Services, restart the appropriate BlackBerry Enterprise Server services.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0

  1. In the BlackBerry Administration Service, on the left pane, expand BlackBerry Solution Topology > BlackBerry Domain > Component View.
  2. Select Logging
  3. Click the instance that contains the logging settings.
  4. On the Logging details tab, click Edit instance.
  5. In each section, in the Maximum age of daily log files field, type the required number of days (for example, 30 days) to delete the log files after.
  6. Click Save all.
  7. On the Servers and components menu, locate and restart the components that contain the changed logging settings.

Note: In BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP1, the field to enter the number of days is dimmed and unavailable. This issue has been resolved in BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP2.

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