Clear out Deleted Items Folder with MFCMapi Exchange 2010

When your Deleted Items folder is over 10gb you will run into issues clearing out the folder and none of the powershell commands I used worked properly.
MFCMapi does the trick for this
Load up MFCMapi on a machine with the Outlook profile loaded on it. Also make sure Cached mode isn’t enabled.

– Give your account rights to open the mailbox.
– Go to control panel > mail > profiles > ask for a profile each time outlook opens
– Open Outlook > New profile > input appropriate info for mailbox and users alias > UNCHECK “cached exchange mode” > open the users mailbox once w/ Outlook, then close Outlook.
– Open MFCMapi (if Outlook is x64, then use x64 of MFCMapi)
– ok > Session > Logon and display store table
– Select the profile for the user you added.
– Double click “mailbox – user”
– Expand “Root Container” > right click on “Recoverable Items” and select > open contents table
– Give it a min to enumerate all items
– Select any unwanted items and right click “delete message”
– You can also expand recoverable items and then highlight purge or deletions and open the contents table for those as well.
– Open up Top of Information Store
– Expand “Deleted Items”
– Select any unwanted items and right click “delete message”
– Then close windows until you get the original one and logoff.

Be careful with MFCMapi as it can cause serious damage to a mailbox.

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