Change Windows Folder Permissions using %username% variable

The problem I was looking to fix was changing a shared user folder permissions for multiple folders using a %username% variable. I use this variable a lot especially with logon folders (Example: net use U: server1\shared\users’\%username%, which automatically gives say user Tim access to just Tim’s folder, users\Tim)

After searching for hours on the internet trying to use calcs and powershell command that didn’t work I found a program called NTFSFix that works on Windows 2000-2008 from my testing.
You can download it directly from

Here’s some info from their website from Wisesoft. Note %foldername% works the same as %username%

Select Mode (Add or Replace)

NTFSFix - Welcome

  • Add custom permissions to the work area (Default permissions shown below)

NTFSFix - Wiz1

  • Select the root folder. (UNC or local path supported) You can also exlude folders here.

NTFSFix - Wiz2

  • Confirm the selection & start the permissions change.

NTFSFix - Wiz2

In the above screenprint two folders were not configured properly. This is because no users exist in the domain with the same name as the folder.

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