Backup Exec 2010 Exchange Database not found


The backup of Exchange 2010 fails with no byte count.


The following error message is displayed on failure:

0xe0000391 – Backup Exec attempted to back up an Exchange database according to the job settings. The database was not found, however. Update the selection list and run the job again.


1.This failure may occur if there are two different exchange servers in the environment. For e.g. ( Exchange 2003 & Exchange 2010) OR (Exchange 2007 & Exchange 2010) and the System logon account of Backup exec will have an active mailbox on the first exchange server but not on the second. Specifically on Exchange 2010.
2.If Exchange 2010 is newly configured to backup. There has been a recent update on Backup Exec..
3.A database has been renamed recently.
4.Backup Exec Remote Agent Utility has entry of mulitiple Media Server in publishing tab which do not exists.
5.The Log on type for the Beremote service on the Exchange server was changed from the default of “Local System Account” to a specific account.


First of all, Restart Remote agent service on the Exchange servers and then attempt Backup Again. If not working, do steps below.

Solution 1 :

1. Create a new account and add the user to the following groups:

Domain Admin.


Local Administrator on all the nodes of the Exchange including the CAS Servers.

2. Make sure that the new account of Backup exec has a mailbox in Exchange 2010 and it is activated.

3. Ensure that the Backup Exec logon account is a member of the “Organization Management” Role Group in Exchange 2010.

For more information refer the document :-

4. Make the newly created account as the System Logon account and the Backup exec service account in Backup exec.

5. Restart the Backup Exec services.

6. Also make sure the remote agent is updated on the exchange server.

The Exchange Logon Account Requirements :

7. Test the backup job.

Solution 2 :

1. Make sure the remote agent has been updated on all Exchange server nodes.

2. Uninstall the Remote Agent for Windows System (RAWS) on the exchange server from Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs.

3. Push install the RAWS from the media server.

4. Re-try the backup.

Solution 3 :

If the database/s renamed and/or moved, need to reboot the Exchange server before running the backup job.

Solution 4 :

1. Access the Remote Agent Utility on the Exchange Server.

2. Access the “Publishing” Tab.

3. Modify the list to add existing Media Server and remove the entries for non-existing Media Server.

(Add the IP address of the Media Server in case the hostname is already added.)

4. Restart the Backup Exec Remote Agent Service.

Solution 5 :

1. Open Windows Services on the Exchange server in “Server Manager” or the services.msc snap-in.

2. Locate and right click the “Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems” service and select properties.

3. Go to the “Log On” tab and change the “Log on as:” to ‘Local System Account’.

4. Restart the Remote Agent service

5. Rerun the backup

The above mentioned issue is resolved by hotfix180429 for BE2010 R3

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